Publishing since May 1997, ArrowTrade's professional content and expertise has made an impact on the archery and bowhunting industry. Our tuning and coaching columns by Larry Wise, in-depth equipment  articles and scientifically-based bow and crossbow tests provide  important information for the archery retailer, manufacturer and everyone involved in archery.

The People Behind ArrowTrade

Tim Dehn: Editor and Publisher


Tim’s degrees in journalism and advertising provide ArrowTrade with a  strong sense of direction. His interest in archery dates back to high  school. For the last 30 years, Tim's been working in the archery  industry. During this time he was a plant manager for an archery  accessory firm and worked at other magazines before starting ArrowTrade.

Vickie Dehn: Vice President and Art Director


Vickie uses her degree in art to guide the publication’s appearance and  as co-owner provides important input on the managing of the business.

Matt Granger: Sales Director


Matt lives in Ohio and has been a key part of ArrowTrade's growth since  1998. Granger is friendly and professional in his approach to ad sales  and his customer service skills are top-notch.

John Kasun: Business Editor


John is a former pro shop owner who has been working for ArrowTrade  since 1998. In his role as business editor, John helps guide  ArrowTrade's strong editorial focus on serving the retailer. He’s the  author of Lighter Side and our newer Crossbow Retailer columns.

Rachel Givens: Managing Editor & Circulation Manager


Rachel's contributions to ArrowTrade are vast and varied. Starting out  as a copy editor, she moved on to handling circulation management. Today she also  writes Dealer Spotlight and Factory to Field feature stories.

Anne Dehn: Technology Manager & Graphic Designer


Anne’s job is to make sure the magazine looks good and the computers  keep running. She manages this website and is tech support for other  staff. Her degree in Management is helping us plan for the future.

Larry Wise: Tuning and Coaching


Larry's skills as a coach and technician on compound bow equipment has  rightfully earned him worldwide recognition. He's been shooting archery  since 1955 and has authored several books on archery including CORE  Archery: Shooting with Back Tension. Wise travels extensively to put on  shooter schools.

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson: Mastering Social Media


Hannah writes this column about digital advertising, it's uses, why it's  important and how to make good use of it without wasting your  resources. She is the Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy for  Bast Durbin Advertising.

Dan Durbin: Using Traditional Media


Dan shares his expertise in print, radio and TV advertising from the  prospective of someone whose agency consults with clients on complete  marketing plans. Durbin is co-owner of Bast Durbin Advertising in  Slinger, WI.

Anthony Barnum: Bow Testing


Anthony's scientific methods provide rigorous and comprehensive tests of  compound bows. This way the bows can be compared on dynamic efficiency,  speed per inch of power stroke, noise output and vibration. Each year  he compares mid—priced bows, flagship hunting bows and either youth or  women’s bows.

Jon Teater: Crossbow Testing


Jon tests the dynamic efficiency, speed per inch of power stroke, noise  output, trigger force and precision of a crossbow in his thorough  evaluations. Like Barnum’s tests of compound bows, these crossbow tests  set the standard for objectivity and thoroughness.

Mike Raykovicz: Equipment Focus


Mike is a long-time outdoor writer and important contributor of both  dealer profiles and equipment reviews in ArrowTrade. Like his good  friend John Kasun, he is an avid bowhunter. He writes many of the  Equipment Focus features in the magazine, providing readers with an  in-depth view of what is available in the industry.