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Coach's Corner

World-renowned coach Larry Wise covers every aspect of how to improve your compound bow shooting skills.


Dealer Workbench

Larry Wise is also a pro shop owner and expert in bow tuning. Follow his tips to get top performance  out of your own favorite compound bow.


Bow Reports

Anthony Barnum's head-to-head comparisons of popular compound bows include both his subjective evaluation and scientific tests of four different performance characteristics.

Bow Reports


Jon Teater's scientific crossbow tests set the standard for objectivity and accuracy. These tests run an average of five pages and analyze not just performance but features like trigger pull and noise output.

Crossbow Reports

Traditional Archery

About the Authors
For our traditional bow fans we've gathered dozens of articles by Todd Smith and Tom Clum. You'll find great advice on how to shoot recurves and longbows more accurately and get the  most penetration possible from your traditional hunting arrow.

Traditional Archery

Lighter Side

John Kasun is both a knowledgeable business advisor and  a very popular humorist. We have gathered the Lighter Side articles here that help readers end each issue with a smile.

Lighter Side

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